Essential 100 Series

Our teaching series on Scripture Union's Essential 100 Bible Passages

Part 1

(the first instalment of 5 talks are audio only files)

Essential 100 : Genesis 1 & 2

Essential 100 : Genesis 3

Essential 100 : Genesis 6-7 "Wipe Out"

Essential 100 : Genesis 8-9 "Never Again"

Essential 100 : Genesis 11 "Babel"

Part 2

Essential 100 : Genesis 12 "Meet the Family"

E100 Part 2 .1 Genesis 12 Study Questions

Additional Readings Isaiah 9 v 2—7 / John 15 v 1—17 / Romans 4

  1. According to Joshua Ch 24, Abraham’s father worshipped other gods. Has faith ever meant you taking a stand to believe or act in ways your own family thought ‘odd’ – how did you handle that?

  2. Abraham’s family moved from Ur and then God used him. Have you ever looked back and realised God’s hand was definitely in your getting a new job or even moving to a new area?

  3. Genesis 12 does not indicate that there was anything to recommend him for the task and privilege God gives him. It was an act of pure grace. Are you able to easily accept that you are also a recipient of God’s grace—or do you still find yourself trying to ‘earn his favour’?

  4. Abraham took a huge step of faith. What would you say was the hardest thing you’ve had to trust God about? What would you say to a new Christian who was dubious about trusting God?

  5. God chose the least likely candidate to spearhead his critical plan for the planet. In what ways have you thought that God couldn’t or wouldn’t use you? Are we limiting God when we think like that?

  6. On average Abraham encountered or heard from God around every 25 years. What does that say to those of us who feel God is silent and not answering our prayers?

  7. In the same way God could not have used Abraham if he stayed where he was, faith never means staying as we are. What would someone looking at our life say was the biggest change in you since becoming a Christian?

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