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Firstly, and unless you've been somewhere very nice very far away you will know about this already, we have had an election!

We may greet this with mixed views but it is an opportunity to really influence the next parliament so please be praying for all who are candidates. In particular the plight of the suffering church has dropped down the political priority list. The latest Foreign Secretary has not attached such importance to this issue and demonstrations have meant the 'I see you' banners that many of you contributed to are now being displayed in Westminster Abbey and not in Parliament Square as planned. You can do something about this! Open Doors have created a neat link where you can type in your details and then follow the prompts to email all your local parliamentary candidates asking them to support various priorities. It's so easy it would be sad not to use our voice to help those with none. Here's the link


Secondly, we recently had our Next Steps ( Church Meeting) which was on December 1st. Dave presented the latest accounts and the budget the Trustees (Deacons) are proposing for next year. I attach the relevant documents here for your perusal. Dave does a brilliant job and welcomes feedback and questions

Stour Valley Baptist Church - Budget 2020 1 Pager.pdf

Stour Valley Baptist Church - SVBC Budget 2018 versus actual - October 2019.pdf

Presentation 01122019 v1.pdf

We also hope to be able to present some news about the Land! There has been a flurry of (not always helpful) activity over recent weeks and we are now awaiting a final valuation for the Land. Dave has, again, been key in helping to clarify for them (again!) that we are seeking it for a church and community building - and we are hoping the figure they come up with will reflect this.

Thirdly We have decided to continue with the Monday Evening Prayer Meetings despite very low attendance of late. Given we are at such a critical juncture as a church it would be an odd decision not to! When we read the New Testament the early clearly connected gathered prayer with answered prayer and break throughs in mission. We do, however, recognise that the weeks get more and not less full! So, if you can commit to coming to the Monday Evening Payer Meeting once a month that would be great! There is a sign up sheet at Church for you to use. Coming along does not mean you have to pray out loud - and we will be having various ways you can pray and listen to God each week - so please come along and be part of that powerful hour!

Fourthly, after a break over the Summer Bootpoint is back! We are working with friends from St Edmund's to go out and meet young people gathered in Mill Street Car Park on a Friday evening from 7 - 8pm. We also have a great team gathering to pray for the young people gathering in the Methodist Church whilst we are out chatting and serving hot chocolate and sarnies from our car boot. If you would like to join in the praying just come along - and if you would like to join the team going out to meet the young people have a chat with Mark, Paul Chapman or Daniel

Fifthly, Christmas is coming ! To get us in the mood we have a Festive All Age Service on Sunday 8th followed by a Bring and Share. There will be party games and fun! To be even more fun it would be great to know that we will have a good variety to share! So if you can sign up at church indicating what you are bringing we may avoid a tidal wave of mince pies!

On Wednesday 11th December we will be having a festive How To Read The Bible evening on unpacking Christmas passages in both the Old and New Testaments - sign up if you want to come along!

SVBC will be part of the shared Christians Together Wreath Making Evening on Friday 29th November (to book your place text/phone 07702 425720) and the Town Carol Service at St Edmunds, 6pm on Sunday 22nd December

We will be having our own usual special services on Christmas Eve at 4pm and Christmas Day at 10am. This year various considerations have meant we will not be meeting on December 29th. We will be sharing information on when other local churches are meeting that Sunday. Church will be back to 'normal' on Sunday 5th January.

Weekly Sheet

Missed a weekly sheet, please find a copy below.

SVBC Weekly Sheet 9th February 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 2nd February 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 26th January 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 19th January 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 12th January 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 22nd December 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 15th December 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 8th December 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 1st December 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 24th November 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 17th November 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 10th November 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 3rd November 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 27th October 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 20th October 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 13th October 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 6th October 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 29th September 2019.pdf

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