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Shipston's monthly magazine, 'The Forum' has a new editor who is struggling for copy at a time when much of the town's normal vibrant community life is in abeyance. He was, therefore, delighted to print something about 'Live at Eleven' … so let us pray that it is read and encourages people that Jesus and his Church are relevant to our times and needs and that people are encouraged to check us out!

the full 'Forum' can be viewed Here


SVBC continues to be a very diverse community, at least in our views! If you think that everyone thinks like you at Church, you'd be surprised! I know some of you feel that the UK is a very racially tolerant nation and feel recent protests have been unnecessary, particularly at this time. Others of you are planning on attending a protest march in Stratford today! As I say, God has blessed us with a diverse range of thought at SVBC! For my part, my biggest concern is that church is a place which is truly free of prejudice. To that end, like many of you, I found this interview by Nicky Gumbel and one of the country's leading Christian black musicians particularly enlightening. Have a watch!

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Thank you to all who contributed to our 'Psalm 23 Project'. The final version is due to air in Live at 11 on Sunday! I find it very moving. For all of you who missed out - we will be doing another one based on the Lord's Prayer over coming weeks. It is great that we can all contribute to our worship and prayer in this way - worship is not about being TV consumers but about us contributing too - so please get those camera phones out when the opportunities arise! I know its new to us but we are all having to learn new things!

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